Here are some of our most commonly asked questions... but there's always more so if you can't find an answer here, please get in touch. 

Why do I visit a different site for your tool shop? Are you the same as Workspace Studios?

Yes! We are the same people and the same place! We have created a new online store that's just for our tools and materials and linked it to our familiar Workspace Studios site.

Hopefully this makes your shopping experience better, and makes it easier to find what you need. 
Our original site focuses on the classes and courses that we provide to jewellery and hand-craft enthusiasts all over Aotearoa, and the Workspace Tools online store is a place to source your tools and supplies. 

I have a gift voucher I bought from Workspace Studios, will it work in this store?

If you have purchased or received a gift voucher from our main website, we can reissue it so you can use all or part of it in our Tool shop. 

Our Classes booking system is quite a complicated beast, and it has never really liked having a gift card that worked across class bookings AND the tool shop. 

Please get in touch with us and let us know your Voucher Number  - this is usually a combination of letters and numbers in the email that the recipient gets. We can then create a coupon that you are able to use in the tool shop.

Can I get a physical gift voucher to hand over like a present?

Sure! Simply get in touch with us and we can fill out one of our lovely full colour gift cards, pop it in an envelope and you can collect it in-store or we can post it to the recipient. 

Can I buy my bench hires through Workspace Tools?

Sorry, no. That system is linked to the calendar booking system we use in Workspace Studios. All bench hires, classes and tuition needs to be booked and paid for over there. 

Do you try out the products you sell?

In over 20 years of experience at the bench ourselves, and 20 years experience teaching jewellery to beginners and intermediate makers we have tried out most of the tools we sell. We have deliberately looked for tools that work well at a reasonable price point.

There are a few items that we find along the way that are either new to us, or as similar as we can get to items that we like to use.  We test and use these in our studios and if we find that a product doesn't stand up to what we want, then we stop selling it and find a better one.