Welcome to our new toolshop!

Workspace Studios has been running since 2005, so with nearly 20 years of jewellery making under our belts we've worked out a thing or two about tools.

We know when to go for quality, and where to save your pennies. Here's a selection of our favourite tools and supplies to get you started.

We are always adding fresh new products, but please let us know if you are looking for something in particular.

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Sand & Polish


Anything you need for sanding and polishing metal, wax, wood and more.

Sandpaper, sanding sticks, polishing bits & compounds, buffs & waxes.

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Melting & Pouring

Casting & Melting

The essentials you'll need for melting precious metals and for doing in-studio casting.

Casting flasks & sand, crucibles, tongs, ingot moulds and more.

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Helpful Holders

Clamping & Holding

The right tool for the right job.

Bench Pins, ring clamps, vices and grippers.

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Make it clean

Cleaning & Chemicals

Here is where you find cleaning products for your jewellery metals as well as things to keep your tools in tip-top working order.

Pickle, scrubbers, brushes and more.

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Make Holes

Drills & Burrs

Specialty jewellers' drill bits, burrs for clean-up and carving and for stone setting.

Metal drill bits, carving burrs, diamond burrs, burr lubricant and other useful stuff.

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Shape & Make


A good file can last a lifetime. An excellent selection of economy range files for starters, as well as highest quality jewellers' files.

Needle files, Bench Files, Wax Files & Diamond Files.

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Finish it off

Findings & Chains

We've selected a range of simple, quality connections and chains to finish your jewellery off perfectly.

Chains, earring hooks & posts, backs & butterflies, jump rings & necklace catches.

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Hammer & Shape

Forming Tools

Move metal in ways you never thought possible! Make it round, wiggly or flared.

Here's where you find things like Ring mandrels, doming blocks, bench blocks & swage blocks

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Hit Things


Jeweller's hammers can be tiny, or really big. Nothing really beats your favourite hammer!

Metal hammers, nylon hammers, mallets & dead-blow hammers.

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Get the size right

Measuring & Marking

Measuring tiny things means you need the best measuring tool.

Ring sizers & sticks, steel rulers, dividers, calipers, scribes and scales.

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Box it up

Packaging & Presentation

Whether you're looking for a box to hold a special gift, or packaging for your products we can help.

Jewellery Boxes, bags & more.

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Bend, Hold, Snip.

Pliers & Cutters

Jeweller's pliers have smooth jaws & come in a range of shapes for different jobs. Find them here as well as Wire cutters & Solder snips.

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Cut Stuff

Saw Frames

A good jeweller's saw will be your best friend! Choose from deluxe adjustable sawframes, gorgeous (and comfortable) Curved frames or find economical budget options.

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Add some sparkle

Stone Setting

Setting stones or other decorative elements needs specialist tools, but they don't need to break the bank.

Bezel rollers, prong pushers, setting compounds, burnishers & more.

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At the Solder Station


Solder Blocks, Solder bases and helpful soldering tools as well as flux, flux dishes and solders.

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Heat & Melt


Whether you're just starting out or getting serious and into the big stuff... there's a torch for you.

Micro torches, bench torches for soldering and melting as well as torch accessories.

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Hold Fiddley or Hot Stuff

Tweezers & Tongs

Soldering or melting. Holding silver foil or tiny gem-stones. One pair of tweezers has many uses!

Soldering tweezers, pickle tongs & more.

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