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Soldering Kit

Soldering Kit

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This Soldering Kit is the perfect way to get soldering at home, and we've sweetened the deal with a 10% discount compared to buying each item separately!


It contains everything you need to get going:

Vermiculite soldering block - these are the gold standard in soldering blocks and are incredible at reflecting heat back onto your piece. With a little care they will last for years and years.

Micro Torch - this little beauty runs on butane gas and self-igniting (no lighters, yay!) with a continuous flame setting. It's flame size is adjustable and can solder pieces up to a large ring size. 

Borax Cone, Dish and Flux brush - a full flux set up, the dish is high quality ceramic, made in Christchurch, NZ.

Soldering tweezers - super sharp and high quality.

Cross Locking Tweezers x2 - one straight and one curved, with a wooden panel each side for a cool grip.

Titanium Solder Probe - ideal for pick soldering, this wooden handled probe is a super useful addition to your tools.

Solder - 3 different grades of silver solder, Hard, Medium and Easy, around 1 gram of each in handy metal containers.

Top quality solder snips.

Pickle - non-toxic Citric Acid to be dissolved in one litre of warm water to create your pickle.

Bamboo Pickle Tongs - the perfect non reactive tongs for getting pieces out of the pickle.



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