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Beginner's Kit in Leather Case

Beginner's Kit in Leather Case

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This comprehensive kit has a myriad of tools contained in a beautiful zip up black leather case! A great starting point for getting set up with your own hand tools.

It contains:

Jewellers Saw

8 bundles of 12 sawblades in different thicknesses

Rubber Bench Block

Ring Mandrel

Wooden Ring Clamp

Ball Pein Hammer

Rawhide Hammer

Jeweller's Loupe Mini Magnifier

3 Double Ended Wax Gravers

Double Ended Wax File

2 Pin Vices in 2 different sizes

Set of 15 Drill Bits, 0.3mm - 1mm

Hand Vice

Glass Brush For Enamels

Brass Brush

Titanium Soldering Pick

Cross Locking Tweezers


Curved Burnisher

Sharpening Stone

Set of 6 Wax Rasp Files

Set of 3 Economy Needle Files

15cm Steel Ruler

Economy Ring Sizers

Brass Callipers

Steel Set Square



4 Pairs of Pliers: Round Nose, Chain Nose, Half Round and Wire Cutters

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