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Cuttlefish Shells

Cuttlefish Shells

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Cuttlefish shells are the swim bladder of the cuttlefish, a squid like creature that die in their thousands after mating and their dried out shells wash up on beaches throughout the tropics. No cuttlefish are harmed in the process of collecting these shells!

When cut in half you can use them to make a 2 part mould to pour molten metal into. They have an incredible texture like the patterns you see on sand as the tide goes out. Once you have used them you can crape out any black (as pictured) and re use the rest of the shell. 

Use a dust mask when cutting or smoothing the shells. Always cast in a well ventilated area and take all Health and Safety precautions.

Large size are approximately 200mm long.

Medium size are approximately 170mm long.

Small size are approximately 140mm long.

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