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Elan Gray: Transparent Lead Free Enamel

Elan Gray: Transparent Lead Free Enamel

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This is a transparent vitreous glass enamel powder, ideal for torch or kiln fired enamels on copper or silver. 

Please see the sample image for examples of the colour fired over different metals and in different thicknesses. This particular sample was kiln fired on copper with a fine silver foil strip on the left. It is a steely grey.

This enamel fires at temperatures from760°–815 °C on fine silver and copper as well as  fired fine-silver metal clay. 

How hot is that you ask?

If you are using a torch to fire your enamel pieces, you can judge the appropriate level of heat and time in the flame by when the enamel becomes glossy.

Experimentation is required, as well as practice, to understand how your individual torch works. Whether you use a torch or a kiln, firing times will depend on the metal, as well as the size and weight of the piece. 

Sold in a sample pot size (approximately 3 grams, perfect to test the colour or for little projects) or medium pot (approximately 10 grams).

The medium pots are better if you are a regular enamelist and want to have this basic material on hand for all your needs. 

Colour code: 2910

Colour name: Elan Gray

Brand: Thompsons, Unleaded. 

Health and Safety Warnings come with this product.

Use proper ventilation when firing and a dust mask when handling dry material. Please ensure you read and take note of the handling and safety information on this product before use. 


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