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Sievert Jeweller's Torch Kit

Sievert Jeweller's Torch Kit

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Sievert is the king of soldering equipment. Their super high quality gear will last you forever, and is cleverly designed to meet all your soldering and casting needs with a simple change of head.

This Torch Kit comes with a 2 metre hose, an adaptor to screw into your LPG bottle, a torch handpiece, a small neck adaptor and a small soldering head. This head is perfect for delicate jobs such as chains, jump rings and smaller rings.

For bigger soldering projects and casting please check out our larger torch heads.

The larger hand piece on our Sievert torches means your hand is further from the flame. It is lightweight and easy to control with a simple dial to let in more or less gas. 

We love being able to solder tiny items with ease, then change the head to melt metal without the need for hiring an oxygen tank, expensive regulators and another type of torch, the Sievert does it all!

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