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Sievert Torch Head

Sievert Torch Head

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Sievert is the king of soldering equipment. Their super high quality gear will last you forever, and is cleverly designed to meet all your soldering and casting needs with a simple change of head.


We stock 3 kinds of torch heads which fit on the 350902 torch head adaptor. Please note, this is not the torch head adaptor that comes with the Sievert Torch Kit, that one is a smaller size so you will require the 350902 adaptor for these larger heads.


393802 Fine Head - this head is great for small soldering such as jump rings, right up to rings.


393902 Medium Head - a mid range torch head for regular soldering. With good control it can solder small pieces such as jump rings right up to bangles.


394002 Large Head - the big dog! This one is for soldering large pieces (and rings if you have good control) and melting small amounts of silver for casting. We have found up to 100 grams of silver melts easily with this head, larger amounts take a bit longer and may require building some soldering blocks up around the crucible to create heat refraction.

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